CILT Australia is keen to work with you in the interests of Logistics and Transport and to both our organisations. In forging a partnership with CILT Australia you will be associated with a global network that offers great support to your organisation and to your employees.

Our mission is to provide leadership in research, policy and professional development and to supporting continuous improvement in the Transport and Logistics Industry.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia (CILT Australia) is unique in that we have companies as members as well as individuals and we cover all aspects of the movement of passengers and of freight – we are "The way forward for industry professionals" and we are the "GO TO” Association!

We are a strong, active, unified, professional association that is able to speak with authority on strategic issues effecting businesses and people in our industry and to support their careers.

Specifically we:

  • Involve people as members and professionals in L&T. Giving them a strong sense that they are involved in an essential and important industry that continues to make a real difference to the lives of every Australian every day.
  • Inform people about their profession with daily RSS newsfeeds, weekly updates, monthly e-newsletters, research reports and seminars.
  • Recognise skills, experience and excellence through our membership levels, the CPL and CTP awards and our annual Awards for Excellence.
  • Develop people through our short courses, mentoring programs and qualifications, many of which have both an Australian and an international level of recognition.

There are two ways that your company can get involved with CILT Australia and these are:

As a Corporate Member, companies receive a targeted set of benefits that are designed specifically to support your strategic business objectives. The investment varies depending on the size of the company and the benefits included in the agreement.

As a Corporate Event or Program Partner, companies can align themselves with one of of our major events or programs in a very focused and valuable way.

We look forward to talking to you about the possibilities of partnership and working with you to further build capability in Australian T&L.

CILT Australia is Unique

  • Widest scope including decision makers across Australian Passenger Transport and Freight Logistics Supply Chains
  • Comprehensive National Coverage with 10 Sections around Australia
  • Strong and Practical International Links delivering the real benefits to members
  • A Dynamic Young Professionals Program

Benefits for CILT Australia Partners

  • Access to key senior T&L industry decision makers at CILT Australia events, via CILT Australia e-blasts and through our development programs
  • Build your reputation with targeted provision of information on your area of expertise to CILT Australia members.
  • Positive linkage with a strong, active and respected organisation with rapidly growing membership numbers and corporate support
  • Promotion of your Company profile and Logo on web site, in our Annual Report, on our Letterhead, at CILT Australia events and in CILT Australia publications
  • Support for the development of your staff though their CILT Australia membership
  • Have your say in the future of Logitsics and Transport by membership of your managers on CILT Australia Local Section Committees

Current Corporate Partners

Mack Trucks


Bauer Media

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Sectional Partners

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