Leigh Williams MILT

Leigh Williams MILT: eStore Logistics CEO and Founder

Established in 2008 after his own difficult experiences buying and selling products online, eStore Logistics is the brainchild of CEO and Founder Leigh Williams.

The total value of goods sold by Australian online stores in 2009-2010 was $143 billion, up 15% on the previous year. With hundreds of products shipping to thousands of locations Australia-wide, online retailers were struggling to satisfy customer demands in an ever-evolving and past-paced environment.

Williams believes that order fulfilment is a critical priority for any online retailer, yet many retailers were treating it as less important than site design or marketing. Williams maintains that the only physical experience a customer has with an online retailer is the delivery of their purchase and a poor delivery service undermines the whole online shopping experience.

Geared towards fulfilling large orders to bricks and mortar stores, 3PLs weren’t providing an efficient service to online shoppers. A more specialised approach was needed to cater to this specific retail sector. And so Williams founded Australia’s first, and thus far only, dedicated logistics service provider for online retailers. Based in Victoria, eStore Logistics provides end-to-end 3PL services to both online retailers and traditional bricks and mortar businesses.  

Utilising his double degree in Information Systems and Business, his internship at Accenture and his experience as a consult with IBM, Williams tackled the logistics problems faced by online retailers through the fresh lense of technological advancement.

Employing only the latest IT systems and processes, eStore Logistics manages complex tasks such as international freight forwarding, receiving goods (sorting, adding to inventory and putting away in warehouse locations), warehousing, order fulfillment (complex pick and pack), inventory management and delivery of orders for clients.

Williams has developed a modulated warehouse management system, which allows clients to customise their logistics solutions specifically to their needs. It is here that eStore Logistics has proven themselves invaluable to their clients.

No matter what their clients’ business requirements are, eStore Logistics warehouse management system ensures they are able to rapidly implement the most efficient solution. eStore Logistics bulk-picks to lower the labour employed during pick activities, and utilises automatic cartonisation for orders. The system directs warehouse staff on which items go in which cartons to reduce manual entry and processing costs. In addition, eStore Logistics uses its own freight calculator, which considers multiple carriers for each order and selects the most cost-effective delivery method.

In the last 12 months, Williams’ business has saved clients an average of 82% in freight costs, dispatched over 231,000 orders and over 764,000 individual units, maintained 99.9997% order accuracy and dispatched 100% of orders within 24 hours.

Williams is now credited with successfully, and single handedly, leading Australian logistics into the modern age. eStore Logistics has innovated and created market-leading solutions for online retailers and Williams has tasked himself with ensuring eStore Logistics stay one step ahead.

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