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The Territory – A forgotten place

Published: 14/02/2019

The Territory – A forgotten place


The Property Council of Australia’s NT Division is disappointed that the Territory is once again forgotten in federal major infrastructure priority projects.


Property Council NT Director Ruth Palmer said the 2019 Infrastructure Priority list released today outlines 121 infrastructure proposals that are designed to guide investment towards projects that will deliver the best outcomes for Australia’s growing communities.


“Sadly, this infrastructure boost has been once again left out the Territory.


“In spite of our near proximity to the economic powerhouse that is Asia, the issued report confirms what Territorians already suspect, the Northern Australian white paper strategy is just simply not a focus for Canberra.


“The Federal Government knows how much the Territory is struggling through our economic downturn, not just in Darwin but across the whole of the NT.


“Our Infrastructure here in the Territory is at least one hundred years behind the other states.


“It would appear despite our need for investment, The North’s potential continues to be stifled from our southern centric federal politicians.


“We are in desperate need of infrastructure projects that can bolster the construction industry and help alleviate our social disadvantage that Territorians constantly face.


“The three NT projects that have been identified are Priority Initiatives, and while they are welcomed and much needed, it is a far cry from the remaining 118 projects that are listed.


“We need the NT to grow and these investments are crucial if we are to ensure that growth is smart, well-connected and highly productive as we turn towards the Asian century”

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