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The most sought after freelance skills in Australia for 2018 revealed

Published: 18/05/2018

If you want to know what Australian businesses' most in-demand freelance skills are in 2018 and a lot of data around this, then you've come to the right article.

Expert360. The company bills itself as a "leading contingent workforce management solution in APAC", and it has drawn data from 284 project postings since 1 January from Australian corporates (with more than $10 million in annual revenue) to find the top 10 in-demand skills.

That list is below, but first, we're told that "key trends from the data include demand for professionals who can lead, guide and manage teams, along with increased demand for creative talent".

Expert360 chief executive Bridget Loudon (above) noted that Australian corporates are increasingly turning to freelance talent to top up their workforce and lead teams.


Loudon said: “It’s not surprising that program directors, project managers and change managers made the list with the huge rise of project-based work.


“However, this year we’ve also seen a number of new skills emerge, including demand for UX and UI designers, data analytics and process automation. As automation and AI takes root in corporate Australia, there’s a surge in demand for creativity and problem solving – capabilities that are far from being automated.”

Breaking down the data on creatives, Expert360 says it has seen "a particularly high number of requests for graphic, user experience and user interface designers", while Loudon also noted the need for "Agile coaches in the professional services industry".

It turns out that the need for freelancers experienced in agile working, business analysis and strategy, "correlates with broader trends in the financial services market where large enterprises like CBA and ANZ are rolling out new ways of working across entire functions".

Meanwhile, other in-demand freelance skills across sectors included digital strategists, digital marketers and data scientists.

Here is the full list of freelance skills which are trending on Expert360 in 2018: 

  1. UX and/or UI Design
  2. Digital Transformation Strategy
  3. Program Direction
  4. Supply Chain
  5. Project Management (Particularly with Agile Qualifications)
  6. Business Analysis
  7. Data Science/Data Analysis
  8. Copywriting
  9. Content Management
  10. Process Automation (Robotics & AI) / Process Improvement
  11. Customer Strategy
  12. Digital Marketing

The Expert360 data broken down reflects the various skills trending across key industry areas:

Financial Services:

Strategy Consultants
Business Analysts (Mid-Level)
UI/UX Design
Agile Coaches
Process Automation (Notably in Insurance)

Retail/Consumer Goods:

Supply Chain
UI/UX Design
Retail Strategy


Strategic Procurement
Business Analysts (Mid-Level)
Data Scientists/Analysts
UI/UX Design


Process Improvement

Mining & Minerals:

Process Improvement


Commercial Strategy
Management Consultants
UI/UX Design

Higher Education:

Project Management
Digital Learning strategy
HR Consultants


Project Management




Supply Chain Optimisation

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