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Published: 09/07/2018



Hello Members


I’m sure some of my colleagues have previously been in touch regarding the Better Commercial Buildings program, the Energy Assessment and Gas Efficiency Grants, so I apologise if you already have this information.

I’m just following up on your interest in knowing about the current opportunities available to your Victorian members.

I’m being a bit cheeky in asking, but it would be great if you could share this information with your wider community.


I have attached:

  • SV grants table (outlines what types of buildings are eligible for each grant)
  • Short communication of all current offerings


Below is the funding available

  • Energy Assessment Grants up to $5,000 toward a basic assessment and implementation project and $20,000 toward a detailed assessment

Available for businesses spending over $20,000 a year on energy, to commission an energy assessment which will identify and implement energy improvements.


Available to businesses looking to find solutions to their waste problems, which will result in more efficient use of materials and less waste sent to landfill.


Opened October 11th 2017 to improve gas efficiency for gas-related projects including capital equipment upgrades, non-routine maintenance and repairs, fuel switching, and improving metering.


  • Better Commercial Buildings up to $30,000 ($1:$1 funding) to fund assessment and upgrade works to improve the performance of commercial buildings

Available to offices, hotels, retail and data centres, and some mixed-use buildings. A panel of approved providers can utilise the grant funding to undertake energy assessments, implement projects and verify savings.


Offers independent free facilitation to businesses seeking to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Detailing financing models such as Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA) and how they can best be applied to your project.


Take 2 pledge is an opportunity for businesses and individuals to join Victoria’s collective climate change pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Keeping the global temperature rise to under 2oC. Your business and/or employees list actions they commit to undertake which is published on the Take 2 website.    

Better Commercial Buildings Grant (>500m2 NLA)

Energy Assessment Grant ($20 - $50k energy usage)

Energy Assessment Grant (>$50k energy use)

Gas Efficiency Grants

Energy Assessment

Up to $5,000*

Up to $2,000

Up to $15,000*


Implementation of upgrades

Up to $20,000*

Up to $3,000

Up to $5,000

Up to $50,000*


Up to $5,000*





* matched funding $1:$1

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding these programs.

Refer to the Grants Table for more information.

Hope to speak soon


Jeff Elliott

Contractor - Sustainable Buildings team
Sustainability Victoria
Ph: 03 8626 8709 | M: 0409359120
Urban Workshop                  
Level 28, 50 Lonsdale St    
Melbourne Vic 3000  | follow us@sustainvic 

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