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SMART Procurement Contracts 3 - 4th August 2017, Melbourne

Published: 07/06/2017

Why You Should Attend

There has been a steady increase in the focus on strategic procurement functions across various, if not all, industries. Procurement departments within companies have garnered themselves pivotal roles in determining the success of global firms in ways that old-fashioned purchasing managers would never have thought to be possible. The highly complex global environment, limited supplies of critical commodities and the ongoing impact of economic ‘headwinds’ have focused senior management attention towards the challenges of buying the goods and services their organisation needs to satisfy customers and stakeholders.

The complex and changing environment means all organisations need to become accomplished in the activities involved in buying needed goods and services, both finding then and putting in place the necessary contractual arrangements to obtain them. In particular, the latter processes include- the drafting, managing, negotiating and finalising of procurement contracts. Contracts are essentially the heartbeat of the procurement function and getting this wrong has the power to make or break profit margins. This runs hand in hand with the challenge of reducing lead times, improving quality and optimising the Total Cost of Ownership of purchases. Critical to this effort is the creation and maintenance of appropriate collaborative relationships with suppliers and service providers.

As such, this event will focus on a holistic supply chain approach through best practice methods and will address the strategies and processes needed to deliver success. Participants will also go away from the workshop with a draft ‘self-assessment’ on their organisations opportunities for improvement in their strategic sourcing and procurement activities. This can be further refined on return to attendee’s own organisation. Attendees will also walk away with copies of the presentation, various proformas and templates as well as the self-assessment.

 Key Topics

  • Comprehensive understanding of numerous viable procurement strategies
  • Understanding what terms and conditions in contracts work and how to structure them
  • Balancing the needs of the Buyer and Supplier
  • Dealing with poor quality of products and service performance by suppliers
  • How to select the right market testing approach to seek out competitive sources of supply

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