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New Whitepaper: Amazon - Impact on Australia

Published: 09/11/2017
Amazon - Impact on Australia
- A whitepaper by GRA Supply Chain Consultants


Today GRA releases a new Whitepaper, “Amazon – Impact on Australia”, that outlines our perspectives on Amazon and its motivation for entering the Australian market. From here, we look to the future by drawing comparisons with Amazon’s impact on Canada – a country of similar population size and geographical vastness. As Amazon rolls out over time, we identify which Australian companies we believe will be impacted and when. 


We also explore Amazon’s competitive advantages and the likely impact this will have on local retailers. With a relentless focus on customer experience and innovation, Amazon has a highly personalised and predictive supply chain model. In order to survive and co-exist with Amazon, Australian retailers will need to lift their maturity level in all supply chain areas – strategy, planning & execution. 


To help Australian retailers become ‘Amazon Ready’, we have included a four-stage ‘Online to Omni-Channel Supply Chain Maturity Model’.


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