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New parallel shaft gear from ABM Scores Points in Materials Handling Technology

Published: 07/10/2018

New parallel shaft gear from ABM Greiffenberger Scores Points in Materials Handling Technology

Marktredwitz, 05.10.2018 – The new FGA 172/173 parallel shaft gear from ABM Greiffenberger meets the stringent demands imposed on materials handling facilities in intralogistics. The drive is compact, works very efficiently and has impressively long operating times.

The parallel shaft gear can continuously transmit torques of up to 170 Nm. It is especially suitable for use in materials handling technology, e.g. as a drive in chain conveyors, conveyor belts, rotary tables and vertical conveyors. The FGA 172/173 features high-quality angled teeth which enable reliable and energy-efficient operation as well as low noise levels. ABM makes the teeth and the light but robust aluminium housing in its in-house production facilities.

The new version in the parallel shaft gear series also has a multitude of fastening options. This gives users great installation flexibility. The gearbox can be mounted laterally or with various flanges or can be used as an add-on gear with torque support. In materials handling facilities the drive can be mounted underneath the conveyor belt for space-saving purposes. The FGA 172/173 can be easily combined with three-phase asynchronous motors as well as with SINOCHRON® Motors from ABM Greiffenberger.

The 172/173 version features a very high efficiency, can handle excessive loads and is extremely powerful. The parallel shaft gear is available with two or three stages. It can be used not only for materials handling logistics, but also as a crane travel drive because small gear reductions with the two-stage design can be realized. ABM design engineers have accommodated both designs in their own housings. The drive thus is very compact especially the overall length has been optimized. The new version closes the gap between the FGA 103 and the FGA 283 introduced by ABM in 2014.


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Figure captions:

Figure 1: New parallel shaft gear from ABM Greiffenberger Scores Points in Materials Handling Technology

Figure 2: The new FGA 172/173 completes ABM Greiffenberger’s product portfolio of parallel shaft gears with torques of 50 to 2300 Nm.


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About the company

ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH is one of the leading international system providers of high-profile, high-performance drive solutions for machines, plants and mobile devices. Founded in 1927, with its head office in Marktredwitz, Bavaria, the company belongs to the senata Group since the 1st October 2016. The senata Group is an owner-managed medium-sized family company with an annual turnover of nearly 400 million € and more than 2,000 employees at present.

At several national and international production sites, an average of approx. 310,000 drive units is produced annually for most diverse applications in the field of machine and plant engineering. The continuous growth of ABM Greiffenberger is due to a productive, committed and reliable cooperation with customers worldwide.


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