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New eBook Release: Road Pricing Provision

Published: 30/07/2018
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Road Pricing Provision

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Section 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction: Shaping the road pricing and provision debate (PDF, 0.1MB)Michael de Percy doi
  2. Road pricing and road provision in Australia: Where are we and how did we get here? (PDF, 0.5MB)Michael de Percy doi

Section 2: Long-term planning

  1. Reforming transport planning in Australia (PDF, 0.8MB)Marion Terrill doi
  2. How to deliver better infrastructure planning (PDF, 0.3MB)Philip Davies doi
  3. Singapore’s land transport management plan (PDF, 0.9MB)Teik Soon Looi doi

Section 3: Road pricing

  1. Is pricing road transport significantly different to pricing other network infrastructure? (PDF, 0.8MB)Alex Robson doi
  2. Using road pricing as a viable option to meet Australia’s future road funding needs (PDF, 1.2MB)Brendan Lyon doi
  3. Lessons from Auckland in road transport planning: Making trade‑offs transparent (PDF, 1.5MB)Peter Winder doi

Section 4: Turning theory into practice

  1. Winning public support for transport reforms (PDF, 0.1MB)Gary Banks doi
  2. Assessing the likelihood of proposed reform pathways to road pricing in Australia: Do they necessarily involve ‘diabolical politics’? (PDF, 0.2MB)John Wanna doi

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