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Important Verification Checks To Protect Your Company Against Liability

Published: 09/03/2017

An important aspect of compliance for transport and logistics companies these days includes various verification checks for employees and contractors.  The recent case of a truck rollover in a Sydney tunnel where the driver turned out to be unlicensed, demonstrates the huge risk exposure transport companies have. 

Many of these can be "hidden" from management's awareness, in the course of normal day-to-day operations... until something goes wrong... when the consequences come to bite you!!
Various verification checks can be utilised to help mitigate these risks, firstly at the point of recruitment / engagement of personnel/contractors, and secondly on an ongoing basis.
These can include:
• National Police Checks - this can prevent engaging personnel with known criminal backgrounds who may have a higher chance of creating risk for the company.
• Background checks - these verify a person's employment and/or qualification background is as they say it is on their resume.
• Bankruptcy checks - may be important for contractors.
• Driver License status checks - initial and ongoing checks can mitigate the risk of consequences as referenced above, with unlicensed drivers.
Urban Verified is a dynamic company specialising in verification checks for the transport and logistics industry.
Services are fast and 100% online.  They are an accredited Police Checking agency with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (formerly Crimtrac), and most Police Check results are returned same day.
Urban Verified can also offer branded portals for larger companies offering the convenience of sending bulk invitations for various verification checks, and bulk discounts on pricing that is already very affordable

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