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How to Build a Fully-Functioning Business Website

Published: 29/01/2019

It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that companies that operate without a website in the digital era are less likely to be successful. That means that even if you’re just starting out in business, one of your first actions should be to get yourself a URL on the world wide web. From there, the tips detailed below will help you build your website from the bottom up. With a fully-fledged and well-functioning website, you’ll be able to generate more exposure and a higher number of sales for your company.


The Basics


You may have a long history of tinkering with websites and web code, or you may have none at all. In either case, you’re going to have to consider the most effective and efficient way that you can create a website that looks good and works well.


You have three main options where this is concerned:


  • Go it alone, writing your own code for your own site
  • Outsource to experienced web designers who’ll create your site for you
  • Use platforms that allow you to build a website using easy-to-understand templates


Your budget and your time-scale will certainly play into your decision here. Many smaller companies choose the ‘middle way’ of using a platform such as WordPress to help them build a site - though of course, outsourcing entirely might be the most effective if you’re hoping for a knock-out impressive website.




If your budget allows, you should outsource to a company that’s going to have a deep pool of expertise from which to draw inspiration to create your site. Even if you only outsource for smaller parts of your web design – such as the logo creation or the sitemap - you’ll find that professional jobs last longer, with fewer bugs.


An alternative to these scenarios is to engage with plug-ins that can provide help in certain areas of your business. For instance, b2b ecommerce solutions providers can set you up with a fully-functioning and integrated sales system to help you begin trading from your site immediately, without spending weeks creating your own system.


Designing on WordPress


If you scroll down to the very bottom of a website’s page, you may well see a small stamp of text: ‘Powered by WordPress.’ The truth is that behind most excitingly visual and stimulating websites are easy-to-arrange templates made for anyone with some technical prowess who nonetheless doesn’t know how to code.


Designing on WordPress is a comfortable option for those who are computer literate and able to learn as they work. WordPress - and other platforms like it - is so favoured because it’s been made with you, the novice web designer, in mind.


There are thousands of helpful videos and tutorials available online to help you should you choose to build your website in this way. Remember to start with the foundation and work slowly up to the aesthetics of your site.


There you have it - three main options for you to pursue when you set about making your company website for the very first time.

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