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Book Distribution Proposal for CILTA: Australia's Nobel Laureates Volume III National Publishing Eve

Published: 01/05/2019

Free Book Distribution Offer for

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia Incorporated 

1. Introduction

One Mandate Group, often viewed as a boutique think-tank, is a 35 year specialist publisher with expertise in delivering major national education campaigns. We are leaders in building and influencing massive audiences of up to 6-figures both domestically and internationally. The primary vehicle for distribution in our book campaigns centres on non-commercial alliances with selected organisations that are invited to send the digital format book to their list of contacts, typically members, using very simple but effective email send outs.

A distinguished panel has identified The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia Incorporated (CILTA) for a book distribution offer for our impending Australia’s Nobel Laureates Volume III (NL3) given the opinion that its members will be hugely interested in a definitive book on the current state of the nation’s innovation ecosystem. We believe the NL3 book project aligns with CILTA’s mission, values and spirit of continuously seeking to advance Australian industry’s intellectual horsepower.

2. Background

Australia’s Nobel Laureates (NL1) was first published by our company (and the only ever book dedicated to this subject) in 2004, accompanied by an annual book campaign treating business and innovation thematic in Australia. At the encouragement of senior officials within the Federal government, CSIRO, various universities and numerous corporates, Volume 2, updated significantly, was published in 2012. Demand and interest has continued over the years; we have exhausted our stocks of print copies and are compelled to re-issue an altogether new edition: Volume 3, scheduled for a mid 2020 launch. 

In keeping with our company’s now Social Enterprise status, values, purpose, and skill-sets, both of these volumes were designed not just as books, but as multi-dimensional “living” campaigns – intended to widely elucidate and promote issues about Science and Technology development, the need for Innovation and crucially related subjects.

Both of these editions contained substantial and definitively researched biographies of our past country’s Nobel Laureates, who according to our surveys were remarkably little known, or appreciated, even amongst broadly educated audiences let alone amongst the wider population.

Both editions also contained a substantial “Adventures in Innovation” section, which presented an array of selectively chosen case studies of companies and organisations and their innovative work. The “Adventures in Innovation” sections occupied about 40% of total pages and were placed in the latter half of the book.

In each Volume we also created a middle unit. For example, we nominated the subject “Women in Science”, a demonstrably successful (and unique at least in terms of its content and reach) sub- theme which was subject to separate promotional efforts. Logistics and infrastructure were two of around 10 different thematics that also underwent thorough editorial treatment.

For the first edition, we also issued a retail only deluxe edition of the first part, the Nobel Laureates biographies edition. This was moderately well received by the general public. However the version containing additional commentary on Science and Innovation—sections 2 and 3— was much more widely popular, and in demand, consistently, over a longer period.

It appears that readers appreciated the greater breadth and depth of the coverage. The added focus on practical innovation no doubt gave the entire subject of the book a greater “tangibility” and appeal for a wider audience: leaders in business, government, the arts, education and elsewhere. 


3. NL3 Rationale

  • First two book instalments were widely acclaimed and a timely third, 8 years since the second volume, is in high-demand and expected to be a great success.
  • Australia’s past Nobel Laureates deserve better national recognition to inspire next generation of innovation heroes and heroines. (role models for current and tomorrow’s leaders)
  • Innovation is the common denominator for addressing most national challenges.
  • Innovation ecosystem “health check” is overdue.
  • Innovation suffers from what’s often described as a fragmented industry landscape.
  • Gap exists in innovation literature / media landscape, especially with mass audience.
  • Evidence that innovation is lapsing in some areas of e.g. STEM enrolments in education, patent rate, R&D investment, “brain drain”, global collaboration, commercialisation, etc. 

4. NL3 Scope and Aims

  • Influence attitudes to innovation via a mass education campaign.
  • Unify nation’s thinking on innovation (intellectual integration).
  • Benchmark Australia’s innovation culture:
    • One definition of innovation for all.
    • Formulate metrics for innovation performance / acumen.
    • SWOT analysis: explore strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
    • Comparison with other industrialised nations. 
  • Stimulate discourse on change and galvanise decision makers to take action.
  • Celebrate innovation past and present.
    • Showcase finest examples of innovation achievements.
    • Celebrate previous Nobel laureates.
  • Promote STEM disciplines in high schools and universities.

5. NL3 Campaign Deliverables

  • Deluxe book in digital and print formats.
    • Approximately 400 pages length.
    • Pictorial/editorialhybriddesignandlayout.
    • Distinguished authors and other prominent writers representing different sectoral groups including:
      • Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel
      • Professor Emma Johnston, President of Science and Technology Australia.
      • Debra Smith, Chair of Australian Science Innovations
      • Professor Michelle Simmons, 2018 Australian of the Year Award Recipient.
      • Senior journalists from AFR, The Australian, etc.
    • Articles edited for long-life.
    • Advanced online platform (i.e. Issuu or 3D Issue) for digital format book e.g. powerful linking functionality.
    • Written foreword again by the Australian Prime Minister.
    • Companion “living” news website platform to be called Maxima or Optima (also the digital book’s “home”).
    • Social media channels (i.e. Facebook and Twitter).
    • Print run: 7,000 copies of the book.
    • 1MG donation to Australian Science Olympiads.

6. NL3 Book Scope    
  • Four major thematics:
  • Biographies of all past Australian Nobel Laureates including latest 2017 recipient (re-written and re-designed content from Volume I and Volume II).
  • Thought leadership essays on innovation ecosystem.
  • Corporate profiles of prominent organisations showcasing innovation prowess representing selected sectoral groups A-Z (20 articles).
  • Leaders speaks x 20.

7. NL3 Book Audience
  • At least 500,000 readers nationally.
  • Reader demographic: primarily urban + regional centres; affluent; C-level management; rising leaders; university educated; academia, government, NFP, and private industry; M and F; all age groups 15+.
  • Digital format book distribution methods include:
    • Distribution by selected organisations that have large relevant contact lists e.g. peak bodies, institutes, think tanks, CRCs, high schools, universities, government departments/agencies, chamber of commerce, MPs, etc.
    • Social media campaign.
  • Digital format distribution method include:
    • For sale in selected book stores.
    • Targeted elitehotels.
    • Large quotas to be sold to peak bodies.

8. NL3 Schedule
  • Book launch date: mid 2020.
  • Book distribution program: May to July 2020.
  • Companion website and social media launch: mid 2019.
  • Subsequent “Global Innovation Australia” annual book campaign: commencing June 2021. 

9. Book Distribution Proposal for CILTA

CILT was established in the UK in 1919, and has been operating in Australia since 1935. CILTA is part of the CILT International network with of over 33,000 members and more than 200 key corporations working in 100+ countries. CILTA’s mission is to provide leadership in research, policy and professional development and supporting continuous improvement in the Transport and Logistics Industry.

Our NL3 book distribution offer to CILTA:

  • Involves a tiny effort from CILTA (max. 20-30 mins over 2-3 months).
  • Is extremely fast and easy to implement.
  • Is free to CILTA and its members and anyone else in your community / network.
  • Works best when there are 5 separate dedicated email send-blasts to your members.
  • Works best when the distribution activity is delegated to a junior employee.
  • Amounts to all your members receiving a deluxe book for free for their library collections.
  • Does not ever involve supplying us with contact information of your members.
  • Assumes the distributing organisation understands their commitment to distribution will be acknowledged in writing in selected NL3 materials including in the NL3 book itself.
  • Should you be pleased to commit to this offer, we cordially request written advice ASAP please.    

10. 1MG Contact

For more information about NL3, please contact CEO Jim Eggleton at email address or mobile phone on 0408 763 947. 

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