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Aviation Aerospace Australia Leadership Series

Published: 24/08/2017


A/AA NextGenNetwork Professional Development "Leadership Series" No.3

Secure one of ten exclusive seats to “Talking Success” with Soozey Johnstone where she will share strategies to support you in expanding the size of your comfort zone a little every day.

Soozey Johnstone, Director, Method9

Soozey Johnstone has for 20 years been analysing behavioural themes in hundreds of businesses, from global corporates to start-up across multiple industries.  Soozey has been the brains behind dramatic turnarounds in the performance of many diverse organisations, by focusing on the behavioural self-awareness of their people. Soozey has become one of the most respected executive advisors in the country, with her expertise widely sought after through her consulting business Method9. With a willingness to share her expertise, Soozey is a member of the Advisory Board for the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics at Deakin University and an author of the best-selling book I Am The Problem. With an “everything is personal” mantra, Soozey works with her clients to release a gale of productivity for the organisation through vastly improving the personal satisfaction of their staff and management.

Date: Monday 18 September

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Location: A/AA Boardroom, Level 16, 356 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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 A/AA NextGenNetwork Professional Development "Leadership Series" 

Find your dream job - How to boost your career

Secure one of ten exclusive seats to this workshop with Zulima Posada, A/NZ Recruitment Partner, IBM - Vitality (NSW, QLD, ACT)

During this workshop, you will be able to get information and ask questions about various subjects such as how to make an Australian resume, how to succeed in a job interview.

1- Intro and steps of the recruitment process

2- Tips for getting your dream job

For example:

Should I apply to a job if I don't meet all the requirements?

Many companies hire for culture fit, not just for hard skills, companies like quick learners. If you are interested in a role and could see yourself doing a great job, do not let a few missing qualifications stop you from applying; however, my first advice to you is to check carefully the Job Description and eligibility requirements. Employers are evaluating your ability to follow instructions of the application process and if you have a strong eye for detail.

3- How to prepare a winning CV and Cover letter

4- Interview skills - Mock interview - work in pairs

5- Use LinkedIn to boost your career 

Most of us have a LinkedIn profile (and if you don’t, you should make one now). For some, our LinkedIn profile is simply our online resumé – filled with previous experiences, qualifications and interests. For others, ‘simplistic’ is a gracious way of putting it. But should we be doing more? 

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in our professional careers – if we know how to use it. What information highlights you and your brand? Who should you be connecting with to get noticed, and what strategies are out to launch your career? Is your profile turning recruiters away?

The biggest question on everybody’s mind is … LinkedIn? What can I really do with it, and how? With over 8 million users in Australia (and 476 million users around the world), is it really a necessity for job seekers or job movers? If so, how can I use it for My career prospect? 

What are some features we should know about or strategies out there to allow job seekers to hunt for their dream job?

What are some memorable or clever ways you have found people to utilise LinkedIn, and social media more generally?

Recruiters and LinkedIn 

How do recruiters and HR professionals use Linkedin to approach potential candidates? 

Tips on getting noticed 

How important are profile pictures? Does it really make a huge difference to get noticed? What is a great profile picture and what kind of photos should we avoid? 

My content 

We all know the saying “Content in King”, and in our case, a great profile can tell so much about a person. I’ve seen some of professionals on LinkedIn show only their position and a few lines of their career. Should I also keep it simple? Or is this only for those who are well-known, have more established careers and no words are needed to explain their capabilities? 

How much does a potential employer want to see before it’s too little or too much? 

Should I include work experience of only 1 month? What about work experience that seem irrelevant, such as a part time job as a cashier? How best to balance responsibilities and achievements in description of previous employment?

Date: Wednesday 20 September

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Location: QBE Australia, Level 5, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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