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2022 Harmonized System Changes

Published: 07/07/2021

2022 Harmonized System Changes

As members will be aware, a new tariff is scheduled to be implemented from 1 January 2022 following the WCO review of the existing tariff.
The changes include the creation of new subheadings for emerging technologies and product categories such as 3D printers and edible insects, and the removal of subheadings for products that are no longer traded in significant volume such as answering machines.

The changes also include creating new subheadings to improve the monitoring of trade for goods of concern such as synthetic diamonds, chemicals that are controlled under the Montreal Protocol and the Chemical Weapons Convention, and environmental goods such as electronic waste.
To implement these outcomes, amendments are required within the chapters, headings, subheadings and to the legal notes in the tariff.

Except in exceptional circumstances, these amendments should not change duty rates.

Please advise us if you become aware of any changes made that will alter the duty rates payable on a particular product.
Consequential amendments will also be made to Schedule 4 and to Schedules 4A to 13 inclusive which provide for preferential rates of customs duty under free trade agreements.
ABF has launched a new tile called “2022 Harmonised System Changes” on the tariff classification page on their website.

ABF will be placing information on THIS site as the project to implement HS2022 progresses.
Members may like to review the concordances already uploaded to assist in their preparation for the 1 January 2022 implementation.  

Susan Danks -  Head of Customs & Regulatory Compliance, FTA / APSA

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