Victoria Section
Phone: 1300 68 11 34
Address: PO Box 3161, Caroline Springs, VIC 3023
NSW Australia
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

P: 1300 68 11 34
E: CILTA VIC Committee:
E: Section Chair:
E: Sections Vice Chair:
M: PO Box 3161, Caroline Springs, VIC 3023

Committee Members

Steve Campbell/David Wilson CMILT
Dr. Kim Hassall FCILT
David Wilson CMILT
David Coleman CMILT
Vivian Chen MILT
David Wilson FCILT
Dr. Catherine Lou CMILT
Michael Formaini CMILT
Russell George Thompson CMILT

Immediate Past Chair
Vice Chair
Events Coordinator
Next Generation of YP
Secretary and Treasurer


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