Webinar: Methodology for Comparing Dangerous Goods Risk in Road Tunnels to Those on Alternative Rout

When:  Mar 26, 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

This webinar will present the work involved in developing a standardised comparative risk assessment method for assessing life safety risk of dangerous goods being routed through the tunnel or via an alternative surface route. The project was conceived to focus on new road tunnel projects, but the methodology developed could also be used for comparative assessment of alternative surface routes.

Dangerous goods are a wide variety of substances and objects that pose acute risks to people, property, and the environment due to their chemical or physical characteristics. The transport by road of such goods is necessary to achieve broad societal benefits, yet such transport has inherent risk of significant events adversely affecting people (road users, adjacent populations, and responders) and the environment.

The webinar will describe the proposed methodology as well as providing a case study application of the methodology to aid practitioners. The session will provide a summary of the legal context for undertaking such assessments and the responsibilities that lie with the various stakeholder parties. The authors will also present the broader context in which the life safety assessment results should be considered and the other decision-making factors that should be applied.

There will be question and answer opportunities during the session.

The webinar will be presented by Dr Conrad Stacey and Nigel Casey.

Dr Conrad Stacey (BE PhD FIEAust CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus) is a Director of Stacey Agnew Pty Ltd in Australia, and Vice President of DELVE Stacey Agnew LLC in the US, practicing principally in tunnel ventilation and fire life safety. Recently, with Dr Michael Beyer, Conrad has led the correction of the scientific record on the critical velocity to prevent smoke backlayering. Conrad’s other credits include seminal reports on livestock shipping heat stress risk, co-authorship of a paper on the gravitational energy drivers for the geodynamo, and for some years he maintained a patent on an ambidextrous boomerang. He was adviser on boomerang aerodynamics to the recent ABC TV series First Weapons.

Nigel Casey is an experienced tunnel engineering professional. He joined TfNSW in 2010 and has contributed to each of the major NSW road tunnel projects delivered in the past 10 years. Nigel was Project Manager for this work, and has a passion for evidence based decision making on complex tunnel issues.

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