HVIA Workshop - Course scope -Introduction to Performance Based Standards - Workshop 1


Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
09.00am - 04.30pm



Melbourne - Victorian Transport Association 46 Kooringa Way, Level 1, Mirrat House, Port Melbourne VIC 3207


Event Description:

Workshop - Course scope -Introduction to Performance Based Standards

HVIA and the Chartered Institute of Transport Australia (CILTA) are undertaking a project to scope a course which would provide an introduction to Performance Based Standards (PBS).

Government projections of future transport needs suggest that the freight task in Australia will continue to grow strongly into the future. The only way to meet the demand is to increase the penetration of high productivity vehicles like PBS combinations in the vehicle fleet.

To do this we need to ensure our future leaders in the Transport industry understand how to take advantage of the safety and productivity benefits of the PBS scheme. HVIA and CILTA believe that a well-structured course can assist in improving the uptake of PBS vehicles.

Key targets for the proposed course will be people working in transport operators, truck or trailer sales staff or transport planners in local government.

The proposed unit could be taken as a stand-alone unit for use as induction or in service training or could be used as an optional unit in relevant training courses in transport and logistics or planning related areas.

HVIA and CILTA will be conducting a workshop to scope the content of a possible unit on 15 November 2018 at the Victorian Transport Association training room at 46 Kooringa Way, Level 1, Mirrat House, Port Melbourne

The scoping exercise will assess the workforce development needs of non-technical people who need to have an understanding of how PBS works. The concept for the course assumes that:

  • Staff within transport operators need to understand how PBS vehicles improve safety and productivity. This will allow them to make better use of PBS fleets within their operations.
  • Improving the understanding of truck and trailer sales staff will equip them to provide better advice to their customers.
  • Staff in local Government need an understanding of PBS to help them realise the benefits of PBS to their communities and therefore assist them to make better decisions about providing access to PBS vehicles.
  • All three of these groups need to understand how the PBS process works and what they need to do to successfully get a PBS combination on the road.

HVIA and CILTA are looking for representatives from HVIA members, Transport and Logistics Providers and Local Government Agencies to attend a workshop to identify the main knowledge and skill gaps around PBS. We are planning to identify topics to be covered by the course, the approximate amount of time to be devoted to each topic, and the appropriate form of assessment. We will also look to estimate the likely demand for this type of course as part of the scoping project.

If we can demonstrate that the concept for the course is well founded and that there is a suitable level of demand for the course, the next phase will be to engage technical experts and some content writers experienced in the writing Cert IV material to develop the detailed course and assessment materials

If you believe as we do that the level of understanding of PBS in the industry needs improving please come along to the workshop and help as work out how to make it happen.


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Event Date: 15th Nov 18

Event Location: Melbourne - Victorian Transport Association


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