Certified Passenger Professional (CPP)

NEW CILTA CPP – Certified Passenger Professional

CILTA has recently approved the development of new industry certification for Passenger Transport professionals because a significant number of our members work in the field of passenger and public transport. In fact, some 230,000 Australians work in passenger transport roles.

This certification will reflect the experience, education and standing of our passenger transport specialists in Australia. The benefits go beyond recognition in the passenger transport field by linking into professional networks and specialist educational maintenance programs.

Certified Passenger Professional (CPP)

Passenger transport hosts almost a quarter of a million employees in the passenger transport industries. These industries span public transport, bus and coach operations, airlines, railways, ferries, taxis, cruise liners etc. State Government public transport departments and their contractors manage multi-million dollar passenger contracts. The engineering support industries to passenger transport are very significant.

The Certified Passenger Professional (CPP) programme provides a benchmark of excellence for measuring capability and proficiency within the profession of passenger transport. The CPP programme represents the hallmark of passenger transport professionalism.

CPP will become a career partner for those attaining certification, as continuing professional development is crucial to maintaining CPL status. For the first time, individuals working in passenger transport will be recognised, just as other professions provide recognition, eg. their counterparts in the accounting, finance, software, medical, legal and engineering professions.

The CPP programme is designed and administrated solely by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA)

How to Become a CPP

Initial assessment must be done via the CPP points calculator which confirms your eligibility. Those that meet the requirements are then invited to submit their full application for CPP by supplying supporting evidence for each criterion.


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